Turner Networks, the parent company of networks such as CNN, TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network has removed their stations from your lineup.



Turner Network Negotiations

As your local TV provider, we know firsthand what our customers want: more choice while keeping network fees as low as possible. Turner is demanding unreasonable terms that would limit customer choice and result in higher payments, impacting all of our TV customers.

Our efforts to reach a fair and reasonable agreement with Turner Networks will continue so that we may restore these channels as quickly as possible.


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When will the Turner Networks be back on the air?

We expect that this will be resolved soon. We are working hard to get these networks back on your lineup as soon as possible with a new agreement that DOES NOT limit your choices, force you to buy services you do not want, or place burdensome costs on all of our customers.


What is the sticking point in the negotiations?

As your hometown cable provider we offer our customers a variety of programming packages including a limited basic/lifeline/broadcast basic option. Turner Networks is trying to limit the amount of customers that choose just this level of service from us, by placing outdated restrictions on how we package our services. This severely limits your choices, forces you to buy services you do not want, as well as placing burdensome costs on our entire television customer base.


Why won’t you just give them what they are asking?

As a small, local business, we can thrive only when we deliver the best possible value for you from all of our services. We are actively working toward an agreement that does not burden our customers with obsolete demands that limit your choices.


Is there another way that customers can access programming from these networks?

Yes – you will still be able to enjoy many of these networks’ shows. Please click here for Alternative Viewing information to help you find other ways to watch your favorites.


Turner Networks says that they did not pull their channels, and that YOU have chosen to go dark. Is that true?

No, that’s not a fair statement. We plan to remain at the bargaining table with Turner Networks and intend to continue carrying their networks, they are in complete control in determining whether we get to continue carriage while negotiations continue