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  • Stations Reaped a Blackout Bounty

    2020 was another record year for blackouts, as 336 broadcast stations went dark to pay TV customers vs. 278 in the prior year, according to industry group the American Television Alliance. In a statement, ATVA said the broadcast industry’s use of blackouts as a negotiating tool, especially during a pandemic, was outrageous and reiterated its call for regulatory reform.

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  • Cable TV Retrans Feuds and Blackouts Make Their Way To Streaming TV

    For the last decade or so, U.S. cable TV customers have been plagued by a steady parade of content blackouts as cable providers and broadcasters bicker over new programming contracts. This being Sinclair’s particular brand of highly partisan, homogenized disinfotainment, many won’t care that they lose access to these networks. Sinclair obviously cares, given that fuboTV, YouTube TV, and SlingTV (Dish Network) removed the company’s costly regional sports channels last year from their own streaming lineups, contributing to a $4.18 billion loss for Sinclair in the third quarter.

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  • The True Cost to Consumers of Pay TV’s Top Channels

    Individual networks continue to increase the monthly carriage fees they charge MVPDs for access to their content, which is in turn passed along to consumers. The most expensive basic cable channels are rarely viewed by a majority of subscribers.

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  • Nexstar ABC Affiliates Dropped From Hulu + Live TV in Carriage Dispute

    This isn’t Nexstar’s only carriage dispute with a Live TV Streaming Service. Nexstar-owned CBS affiliates were dropped from fuboTV at the beginning of September and have not yet returned.Last year, Nexstar had a 2-month feud with AT&T which saw all affiliates disappear from AT&T TV NOW and DirecTV.

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  • fuboTV Loses Nexstar CBS Stations as Part of Carriage Dispute

    In the message to customers, fuboTV said: “Unfortunately, Nexstar Media Group who owns your local CBS affiliate has decided not to extend its agreement with fuboTV at this time. We are continuing to work to bring your CBS affiliate back.”

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  • Mission Broadcasting Stations Go Dark to DISH

    “Mission has gone from working with us to support viewers in the communities we both serve to chasing dollar signs however they can. Why? It’s simple. The NFL season has begun and Mission thinks they found the leverage they need.”

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  • Sinclair Goes on the Offensive in Retransmission Dispute with AT&T

    The system does appear to be broken in a sense. As of July, the U.S. had experienced 213 blackouts as a result of retransmission disputes since the beginning of the year – tying the previous year-long record, according to the American Television Alliance, which includes consumer groups, video providers and independent programmers. Pay-TV operators have approached the FCC and Congress, seeking changes to the regulations that govern local broadcast content distribution.

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