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  • fuboTV drops Disney owned Fox networks as well as Sinclair owned Fox Sports RSN’s from streaming service

    fuboTV is caught in the middle. They want to give subscribers access to all sports but not if it destroys their price structure. At the same time, Disney and Sinclair know that streaming services like fuboTV are in a bind and in Disney’s case, they feel like they can dangle ESPN in front of fuboTV like a carrot and maybe get them to overpay for networks like Disney Channel and their secondary networks which may be in less demand. And now that Disney has four more networks they just bought from Fox, that price may go up even more.

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  • Disney, AT&T in Carriage Dispute Impacting ABC, ESPN

    Responding to Disney’s messaging, AT&T said that “We’re disappointed to see The Walt Disney Co. put their viewers into the middle of our negotiations. We are on the side of consumer choice and value and want to keep Disney channels and owned-and-operated local ABC stations in eight cities in our customers’ lineups.”

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  • Disney and Dish Extend Talks Over FX and Nat Geo, Avoid Blackout

    In its own statement earlier in the day, Disney and Sling TV said “Our goal is to keep these channels available to our customers. Disney, the new owner of these channels, decided to involve customers in the contract negotiation process at a point when there is still time for the two parties to reach a mutually beneficial deal.”

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  • Nexstar ABC Affiliates Dropped From Hulu + Live TV in Carriage Dispute

    This isn’t Nexstar’s only carriage dispute with a Live TV Streaming Service. Nexstar-owned CBS affiliates were dropped from fuboTV at the beginning of September and have not yet returned.Last year, Nexstar had a 2-month feud with AT&T which saw all affiliates disappear from AT&T TV NOW and DirecTV.

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  • fuboTV Loses Nexstar CBS Stations as Part of Carriage Dispute

    In the message to customers, fuboTV said: “Unfortunately, Nexstar Media Group who owns your local CBS affiliate has decided not to extend its agreement with fuboTV at this time. We are continuing to work to bring your CBS affiliate back.”

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  • Mission Broadcasting Stations Go Dark to DISH

    “Mission has gone from working with us to support viewers in the communities we both serve to chasing dollar signs however they can. Why? It’s simple. The NFL season has begun and Mission thinks they found the leverage they need.”

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  • Sinclair Goes on the Offensive in Retransmission Dispute with AT&T

    The system does appear to be broken in a sense. As of July, the U.S. had experienced 213 blackouts as a result of retransmission disputes since the beginning of the year – tying the previous year-long record, according to the American Television Alliance, which includes consumer groups, video providers and independent programmers. Pay-TV operators have approached the FCC and Congress, seeking changes to the regulations that govern local broadcast content distribution.

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