Network Programming Costs

In-depth Information About the Current TV Landscape


Industry Overview

Ever Wonder About the Fees That Make Up Your Monthly Local TV Bill?

Because we’re a hometown business, we are invested in our community, our employees and our customers. With Network fees dramatically increasing and impacting your monthly bill, we wanted to give you a backstage pass to better understand the economics of the TV business. Read more...

Local TV Stations

What Is the Difference Between a Broadcaster and a Cable Network?

A Broadcaster, such as ABC and NBC, airs their stations via public airways free over-the-air to households with antennas. They also negotiate with Satellite, Cable and telephone companies to send the signal to their customers. Read more...

Network Groups

Ever Wonder Why Your Lineup Includes Channels That You and Your Family Never Watch?

Many customers would prefer to pay for only the most popular Networks and a select group of quality, special-interest ones that appeal to them. This is something that many Satellite and Cable TV providers would like to offer, but most Networks will not allow this. Unfortunately, the powerful Programmers often have the upper hand in how we can package their Networks, and in the additional Networks that they force you to pay for. Read more...


Skyrocketing Sports TV Rights: It’s Not a Game, It’s Big Business

It’s a fact: the steeply rising price of TV sports rights has doubled the basic video bill of Satellite and Cable TV customers over the past decade. 1 And that’s not just for sports fans, but for everyone. Read more...

Choosing Your Provider

Which Type of TV Provider is the Right One For Me?

We live and work here, we are a true community partner and we believe we have the best services for you and your family. And we want you to make an informed decision so that you can be as positive as we are, so here’s an overview of what is out there and may be available to you. Read more...